We are an authorised Stockist and club Fitter for Mizuno, Ping and Titleist with the latest equipment they have to offer. If you wish to book a fitting with our Professional Staff please contact us:

Phone: 01704 577316





With their latest Swing DNA Shaft Optimisation fitting equipment we can custom fit a set of irons that are totally suited to your specific requirements. 

A fitting will take about an hour in total at a cost of £20 which is deducted from the price of Mizuno irons purchased. To book a fitting with our Professional Staff please contact us.


Shaft Optimisation

On traditional custom built sets shaft recommendations were based on the theory that fast swingers required stiff, while everybody else was a regular. Twenty years on, the Mizuno range of custom iron shafts has evolved to more than 50 options, with only a few State of the Art Facilities able to take advantage.

Mizuno's new Shaft Optimiser changes everything. A real golf club with specially developed strain gauges and microprocessor, the Shaft Optimiser records an individuals Swing DNA from just 3 real shots. Combined with an exclusive Mizuno software the unique DNA is used to narrow down a baffling prospect of more than 50 shafts to the very best match - with 2 back up suggestions to test against.

The Shaft Optimiser is unique in the amount of information it records. Clubhead speed and tempo might typically determine the ideal flex and weight of the shaft, but with so many variables to consider - weight, flex, kick point, tip softness - much more hard data is required to accurately determine a player's optimimum shaft. The Shaft Optimiser also measures shaft toe down, shaft kick angle and release factor readings in order to build up the players unique blueprint.



With the latest offering of irons with numerous shaft and lie angle options we can find the perfect set for you! We also have all of latest R11S and RocketBallz Drivers, Fairway Woods and Hybrids



We have all of the latest irons and a range of their putters which we can custom fit for you.

The following will be analysed during a fitting: Shaft Flex/Specific Shaft required, length of club, lie angle and grip size.

We also have the latest putting technology which Ping have to offer, iPING. This allows us to analyse the path of your putting stroke in order to find the very best putter suited to YOUR putting stroke.



We have the latest offering of Titleist Drivers, Fairways, Hybrids and Irons with Sure Fit Tour Technology to enable us to adjust the shaft, loft and head bias to suit your game. We have several different loft and shaft options which you can try and we can custom fit for you.


With a comprehensive range of Demonstration Drivers, Fairways and Hybrids from several of the biggest names in golf we can fit you for your whole set of clubs. Please contact us for further information.